an experiment by Carol Liao

Huddle is a conference app for the creative community. This experiment stemmed from the nuisance of scouring through multiple pamphlets and inconsistent mobile sites to access critical conference data and updates. My goal was to design a way to minimize time searching for information and maximize the user's engagement with the conference and fellow attendees.

Huddle–a conference app for the creative community

I defined the product’s essential features based off results from user surveys and mapped features and personas to three user engagement points – browsing, awaiting, and attending. The result is an app that stays relevant regardless of the users place in the engagement cycle.

User Engagement Cycle
Discover new conferences


Huddle helps users browse for conferences of interest. Users can search and filter through categories and see which conferences their friends are attending.

My Library

Huddle eliminates the need to download individual conference apps. Instead, users add the conferences they’re attending to My Library.

Save conferences to My Libraray


Each conference in Huddle has a consistent structure so the user always know what to expect. Minimizing time searching for information allows the user more time to engage with other attendees in the Activity feed and in person.

Gestural Information Architecture

An activity stream enables attendees to communicate with each other. Users can share tips and advice or coordinate with others to improve the overall experience.

Users can access more information about specific presentations, events, and workshops and add them to their personal schedule. This allows them to quickly see where events conflict, and make quick prioritizing decisions.

The About section contains all general details about the event, including date, locations, and their story. Past and future editions of the conference can also be downloaded here.

Activity, Program, My Schedule, and About pages


Huddle’s main tray shrinks to a minimized state to make room for a conference-specific tray while navigating inside a conference guide.

Tray Navigation

As a Conference Organizer

Using the web interface, conference organizers can assign users to an admin team and can upload content, post updates, and see gathered data.

It’s easy to keep a conference guide on brand by customizing the guide's two primary colors and adding up to four exemplary background images.

Admin Web Interface
Customize colors and background images


Testing prototyping tools with Huddle

We used Huddle to test seven different prototyping tools. See our assessment of the tools on our blog.