Quantify your day.

“I no longer obsess about each moment’s productivity, but instead aim to have more productive habits.”

My View

See an overview of what you’ve accomplished, with quick access to update your day with what you’re currently working on.

Project View

See your team’s collective productivity with an overview of shared screenshots and completed to dos.

Progress View

Easily add projects, deliverables, and to dos with the project management view.

week view
project view
sharing works in progress

Estimates vs. reality

Easily compare the amount of time you actully worked with the amount of time estimated.

One place

See tasks, deadlines, and meetings all in one place. Progress and work in progress all appear here as well, so you can keep up with your team’s work.

Empowered planning

Take a look at the future to better plan each moment. With transparency around time estimates, everyone can help projects stay on budget.

project view in TIMUS