Ariane Garoff

“Design thinking springs up valuable visions and practices that shape our future.”

I am a French Interaction Designer, interested in HMI, bio-tech, data science, and data visualization. My master’s degree in industrial design in Shanghai challenged me to design seamless solutions in the context of cultural differences. I like audits as well as creating systems, prototypes, and motion studies.

Aside from working, I love spending time in Nature, at sea or at the mountain.

Logo Story

My logo is inspired from the omnipresence of Art Nouveau and Art Deco in Amsterdam, especially typographies on bridges, and architectures near our office located in Herengracht, in which merchants and regents lived in the XIIe century.

Those peculiar movements contradicted mass production and appreciated craftsmanships. They were global, manifesting in different spheres of Art, such as architecture, graphic design, fashion, sculpture, painting, and crossing countries’s borders. I think that those movements participated to make Amsterdam multi-cultural, graceful, modern and unique. Just like Art Deco and Art Nouveau in Amsterdam, The Artificial values different cultures, craftsmanships, and beauty in various forms.

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