“You will find me somewhere with a head full of crazy ideas, more than enough determination to make it happen, and, a hot glue gun - unicorn is optional.”

I am designer, in the broad sense of the work. I studied Industrial design and Social design. Despite that back story I have worked mostly in digital realm. Compartmentalizing design seems silly to me, its always made me feel I’m missing out. I feel if you are passionate about design, drawing an arbitartrary line around any design role not only takes the fun out of trying new things but prevents you from understanding others. I joined the Artificial to be part of a team. Individuals different to who I am, and, better than me at many things. Together we inspire each other, push boundaries and most importantly twerk at work (sometimes).

Logo Story

The tallest point in the Netherlands is Vaalserberg, at a meagre 322.7 m above sea level, it is a somewhat borrow peak, positioned precariously where Germany, Belgium, and Netherlands intersect. Unlike much of the rest of the country it was not claimed from the peat or sea by the Dutch. Referencing our Artificial home, I felt it was fitting for my version of our logo to contain a series of woman-made mountains. A tribute to dutch ingenuity and determination to succeed.

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