Katinka Berghuis

“Design is complex and beautiful.”

Growing up on different continents I learned to value contrasting cultures and people. Because of this I enjoy working in versatile and international environments. This is what led me to apply at The Artificial as an intern for my bachelor Communication and Multimedia Design where I grew my interest for user-centered design.

Logo Story

The logo is inspired by my fascination for the hidden world of the technology that we use. I remember growing up watching my dad take apart, open and repair his computer as well as other electronics. I have come to notice that over the years this is something that has become a rare occasion. In this time, the insides of most pieces of technology are becoming smaller and harder to get to; they’re not meant to see daylight.

When a certain technology becomes successful, it changes - to a certain degree - into a black box: a shining gadget that functions well and is practical in usage, the internal complexity is hidden within. All the work that preceded it and all the various interests that it hosts are then ‘forgotten’. Nothing about it betrays that technology is a kind of patchwork. (Altena, n.d.)1

The inner complexity and beauty has been sealed. With my logo I make an effort to take back and release a small portion of the allure and control that over the years has been taken from the user's hands.

1. Altena, Arie. “ESSAY: Moeten we allemaal technofoob worden? Of onze technomanie koesteren?“ Gonzo (circus) : Muziek.Kunst.Meer. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 July 2017.

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