“Not all who wander are lost.”

Torn between my love for designing for the physical and digital world, I chose to explore the complex intersection of both worlds. As a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, I design seamless interactive connections and experiences between people, technology, services, and spaces through service design thinking and research. Forever restless, I cook, travel, write and create random artifacts, which you can view at The Exploratorium

Logo Story

My first tryst with Industrial Design was countless hours (years) of perspective and isometric drawing which taught me two very important things about design - invest in process and don’t skimp on the details. I strived to carry that with me as I ventured from designing in the third-dimensional space to one that lived primarily in pixels. While the depths (no pun intended) of my logo comes from my past, the play is influenced from the multi-cultural environment here at The Artificial, where we all come from different parts of the world but work together in harmony, pushing forward to design great experiences.

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