Natalia Bourges

“Yes… but no”

I am a multidisciplinary designer from the other side of the wall, aka México. For me, design is about solving problems, untangling mess. Good design is the result of trial and error and team collaboration, and that it serves as a medium to speak out loud, to communicate. I do believe that design can change the world or at least make it more beautiful. When I am not at work you can find me eating with friends, I loves food, or trying to finish my website.

Logo Story

I was thinking about the meaning of the word artificial and the many ways that we are affected by “artificial“ things in our daily life. The most evident one for me is light. Light is what defines our perception of any given thing. If light refracts by going through an object, it changes the way we perceive that object.

As a designer, one of my favorite things is typography. I keep being amused by how you can change a text by playing with the size or weight of a font. By experimenting with several ways of manipulating typography using light, I came across our beloved scanner (or the elephant in the room). As for the font, I used my first type crush, Knockout- designed by the Kardashians of type Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere‑Jones.

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