Nathalie de Graaf

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.”

Trained to go into the world of beta science, I made a detour by working in retail and supporting or leading teams which taught me a lot about finance, and working with people. It gave me a base for being the fixer in this studio where I enter yet another world for me to explore.

In my free time I like to chase new experiences, wrestle people on the mat and play videogames old and new.

Logo Story

I created logo with a solid font carved from building blocks while the graphs shows not just my position but also what I see in the Artificial: statistics. This time however it’s not numbers, calendar sheets, cells, or paragraphs in documents but personal data of yours truly.

Since I'm not a designer however, this logo has taught me a lot of lessons after letting me trip several times and forcing me to reexamine why.

Proud of it now, I know I will be looking back at it one day and wonder what I could have done better which will give the logo another dimension: my growth within The Artificial.

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