Our Services

To create exceptional work, we start with exceptional people.

The Artificial was founded in the hope of allowing talented, curious designers to flourish. Through the years, this orientation has produced a team that works a little differently than others, with some key benefits for our clients.


No individual Artificer has a narrowly scoped title like "visual designer" or "interaction designer". We recognize that our skills vary and collaborate accordingly while avoiding rigid roles. This keeps our perspective broad and means "how it works" and "how it feels" are both everyone's concern, so stay in harmony.


As a boutique, we cannot pretend to bring 100% of the knowledge and skills needed for end-to-end product development. Fortunately, our value derives from our skills, experience, and approach, not from magic, so there is no need to hide the process. We even enjoy having clients and partners contribute to our work so we can learn together.

It can be a challenge to mesh design processes with lean businesses, agile software teams, or careful risk-reducing large-scale bureaucracies. We enjoy taking on these challenges to show how design can contribute to everyone's success.


To really design a system with purpose, a level of obsession is needed. Working for only a few hours and then shifting context to another project or a meeting costs much more than time spent. We strive to keep every team member focused on one product each day, so when we are riding a bike to work we can collect our thoughts about it.

Generative and Reductive

Everybody knows that design is a process of generating new solutions, synthesizing for direction, learning, and repeating it all. Yet while "design thinking" has become very popular to say, it is rarely performed. We believe in this process at large and small scales.

It sounds simple, but requires quickly generating many solutions of useful fidelity and embracing that finding the right one means "throwing away" others. Only with our holistic approach have we seen the efficiency needed to do this affordably, and it requires a broad perspective to move fearlessly forward.


We begin projects by understanding the context we’re designing for. We seek to discover the desires of the business, the needs of our users, and the constraints of the technologies we’re working with.


Design synthesizes the findings from the design phase into designs that can be seen and understood. We begin with low fidelity sketches and moodboards before moving into full-fledged comps, videos, and motion studies.


The refine phase of work focuses on details, communication, and validation. This is typically the longest, extending through initial implementation and into product or service iterations.

Our services are not one-size-fits-all. We work closely with our clients to find the approach that works best.


To make a thing, you must first understand its context.


A brand is as meaningful as the experience it provides.


Experiences reflect the organizations they are born from.


Innovation is nothing without humanity.

User Research & Validation

Involve actual users early and often.

Product & Service Design

Balance business, behavior, beauty, and technology.


Systems don't happen by accident.

Launch and Support Scaling

Making experiences real takes more than great design.

You can count on us to bring expertise in design. We're particularly proud of our accomplishments in the following industries:


We pair a passion for technology with a love for exceptional UX to connect real-world products and services with digital experiences. From laser sintering machines to bicycles, we’ve created digital interfaces that improve experiences, not just complicate them.

Consumer Products and Services

From onboarding experiences to long-term engagement, we work with brands to meaningfully engage consumers in their everyday lives. We’ve designed experiences that encourage confidence, that inspire adventure, and sometimes that just get out of the way so the user can enjoy life.

Social Causes

We work with social causes to bring thoughtful experiences to the people that need it most. Most recently, we worked with Corrio to design a brand and messaging strategy that reaches inmates and helps lower recidivism by providing connection with the outside world.

Emerging Technologies

Designing intuitive interfaces for new technologies poses an exciting challenge. We’ve created experiences to make 3D printing and scanning more accessible to consumers and to replace human services with self-guided robotic tools.


We’ve worked with partners to bring to life healthcare solutions in both personal and professional contexts. We’ve designed systems that ensure the healthy development of babies, that encourage the maintenance of good oral health, and that improve the efficiency of operating rooms.


We’ve designed experiences that bring rich data and artificial intelligence to brick and mortar stores, and others that bring the rich feel of the dressing room into the user’s living room.

Smart Home

We’ve worked with large corporates and small startups to improve the places we live and work. Beyond the typical automations, deploying sensors helps users track and understand their environmental conditions. Precise but simple air quality optimization makes the home more comfortable, without making it feel more high-tech.

Business Solutions

Designing business to business solutions requires organizational empathy. We’ve designed solutions for businesses to increase and promote internal knowledge sharing, to optimize sales based on customer analytics, and to capture and communicate decisions through long development processes.

Have a project or an idea you'd like to collaborate with us on? Interested in what we can do for you?