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While planning the launch of their next generation of consumer-facing products, 3D Systems approached The Artificial to design a suite of apps adhering to a single visual and interaction language.

Designing an introduction to "future" technologies

For many of our users, these apps would serve as an introduction to 3D printing, a technology previously only for professionals or hardcore tinkerers. We needed to develop a design language that went beyond user friendly to ensure a positive experience despite the finickiness of the technology.

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interface flow diagram

Highlighting magic moments for users

3D Systems not only wanted to introduce new users to 3D printing, they also wanted to establish themselves as forerunners in the field to anyone who was familiar with the process. To do this, we highlighted the moments of the experience where the 3D Systems algorithms did what none of the competitors could.

interface screen flow diagram

Creating simple and precise controls

The final solution was a minimal and flat interface, providing contrast to the 3D objects being manipulated within. Each app's functionality was limited to provide the user with clear purpose. Every control and icon was carefully crafted to work across interfaces, ranging from scanning to printing and beyond.

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Interface Design

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