3D Systems product and service roadmap


3D Systems


After getting to know 3D Systems, we created a product roadmap to help align different teams. The roadmap illustrated both near- and far-term product and service opportunities, with speculative UI design across multiple touchpoints.

Mapping the future

As outsiders with access to the inside, we were able to provide a unique perspective on the future of 3D Systems. We combined our understanding of near-term product goals with strategic knowledge of the industry to create a roadmap focusing on different market approaches for disparate audiences.

3D Systems Product and Service Roadmap

Making the useful beautiful

We could have easily sent an email or PowerPoint containing our thoughts, but such communications are easily lost in overflowing inboxes. Instead we created a long poster with illustrations, interface designs, and text descriptions.

3D Systems Product and Service Roadmap

Project Artifacts

Concept Generation

Interface Design

Product Roadmap