Roader App Design




Roader is a connected wearable camera that is always buffering but only records with the press of a button. When pressed, the device captures the past 10 seconds along with the future 10 seconds as a clip. We worked with Roader to create a delightful experience around the editing and sharing of these clips.

We created a design that puts users' content first.

As a newcomer to the market, Roader needed a recognizable visual identity. We explored various visual directions in type, form, and color, to establish a digital design language that made a statement while highlighting unique aspects of the product.

Gestural Design

We bought simplicity to life with animation.

We generated multiple directions and then narrowed down to a single interaction model and visual language where content was king. With an interface focused on simplicity, we sought to bring out joyful experiences for the user using playful transitions throughout the app.

Loading Transition
Gallery Transition

We worked in sync with developers to ensure a great experience for users.

With the benefit of working side-by-side with our development team, we saved time by creating a component library that also worked as lightweight design guidelines. We designated colors, fonts, shapes, and buttons as well as method for clip visualization to keep the app consistent and beautiful.

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Component Library and Guidelines

Project Artifacts

Identity Design

Interaction Model

Gestural Design

Interface Design

Component Library

Design Guidelines

Flow Diagram

Motion Design