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The Artificial


We created to [icon] to provide high-quality series of icons to the public for free. We started with a Kickstarter, and have continued adding icons ever since. We now have fourteen series and 2500+ icons.

We created to [icon] to practice our craft, down to each perfect pixel.

Kata (方) is a honing exercise. Through repetition, the practice refines the basic skills necessary for mastery of a craft. We sought to better ourselves by creating sets of icons, not simply drawing things, but also exploring metaphors for visual communication. This simple exercise of exploration turned into a passion for quality and fun, a passion we thought was worth sharing.

Every icon is snapped to either a 32- or 64-pixel grid, making them perfect for digital displays. The series have traditional interface icons like save, share, and edit, as well as icons with more personality. So far, to [icon] has ten different series, with two more on the way.

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interface flow diagram
design guidelines documentation

Experimenting with new processes

We started with rough sketches showing layout, and then moved straight into code. Rather than producing comps of all screens using Photoshop or Illustrator, we styled the code-based "wireframes" using CSS.